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Sep 15

Egypt Travel Guide

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When contemplating a tour of Egypt the first thing that comes to mind is the vast amounts of sunshine because for most people living in the colder climates sunshine 365 days a year is almost too good to be true. The sunshine aside there is the immense Sahara desert that covers a massive section of the nation and as one of the hottest and driest places on earth it is a marvel to behold all on its own and an Egypt holiday excursion would be incomplete without it though it is quite hard to miss.

For a tour of the desert there are serviced four wheel drive vehicles but for the hard core tourists or those looking for something different there are camel rides into the dessert. This is reminiscent of the diverse caravan routes that traversed this enormous region bearing goods from the far east into Africa all the way to the western edge of the continent and vice versa. Camel rides are as authentic as they come and can be combined with overland walking tours that add spirit to the journey. Alongside the rides overnight stays in Bedouin tents brings the magic of yester year to the fore. The Bedouin culture is still practiced though the numbers have greatly diminished and for most people using dung to cook is as far too much even if it comes packaged in as an adventure holiday.
For those looking for straightforward holidays Egypt then a pampered stay at the capital Cairo would not go astray although it would be a waste to go so far then miss out on the magic that is Egypt.

The holidays Egypt you have dreamt of come to life the minute you disembark from your plane or ship and step onto the Land of the Pharaohs for the adventure of a lifetime.

Holidays Egypt
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